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The ConPlusInvest properties.

We bundle expertise. ConPlusInvest Immobilien GmbH is your expert partner for real estate. We guide and support you on your successful path to wealth creation through quality real property investments.

Real estate is a special commodity. It is a lasting investment that has to meet the toughest requirements – your demands. As a qualified company, we want to offer you all the information about our properties, also online.

Your ConPlusInvest Immobilien service team

We are also happy to receive e-mails from you. Simply write to and we will reply without delay.

Our services.

We help with all your property-related questions. You can depend on our individually-tailored advisory concept, founded on our expert knowledge of the market and many years of experience.
We are happy to support you as an agent in finding tenants for your property or a home for you to rent. We take care of:

  • Property inspections
  • For rent advertisements
  • Online property presentation
  • Negotiating and drafting leases
  • Handover of the apartment

Note: With our Tenancy Management Service, we remain at your disposal even after the lease has been signed and the tenant has moved in.

For generations, real estate has enjoyed a great reputation as an investment of lasting value and as protection against inflation. Most important here is that the chosen solution is the right one for your individual needs. With our full service offering, we are at the side of property investors, buyers and users in all aspects of their real estate transaction, from decision-making to handling the transaction and managing the property.

Among the services this includes are:

  • Choosing the location
  • Providing an attractive selection of easily understandable investment concepts with excellent returns and the greatest possible peace of mind
  • Purchase and financing planning
  • Tenancy Management Service after the purchase

An expert and loyal partner, Conplusinvest can also help you sell your property with, among many others, the following services:

  • Ascertaining the best possible sale price
  • Preparing an informative and attractive exposé
  • Obtaining offers from the leading mortgage lending institutions on the internet
  • Offering your property to selected prospective buyers from our client list

We offer our clients a free valuation of all properties transacted through Conplusinvest (pursuant to Article 194 of the German Building Code).
Our appraisals are compiled by a publicly appointed and certified property valuer.

Our services include, among others:

  • Calculating the best possible sale price
  • Preparing the offer with an attractive exposé
  • Obtaining offers from the leading real estate banks on the internet.

With our free price calculation, we show you how your investment will foreseeably perform even before your buy the property; for example the loan financing, tax savings and returns.

Your contact person.

Alfred Weiler
Executive Partner

T +49 (0)89 289 465 63

Gabriele Rost
Executive Partner

T +49 (0)89 28946563


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